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Expensive Client of Internet shop Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com. 

Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com reserves the right to itself to change the prices specified on a site before order acceptance. Availability of all goods depends on their actual presence in a warehouse. If for any reason we can't execute your order, to you will be offered either an alternative variant, or a refund for a product of which hasn't appeared available.

Money back

We guarantee a refund about 14 days from the moment of reception of the goods and under condition of payment of return transfer at the expense of the client, in first a condition, not used and in original packing of a trade dress with possibility on repeated sale. Delivery cost isn't compensated.

Use of site

Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com is a private responsibility of each separate user. Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com and the partners, information and other sources, don't give any guarantee on the results received from activity on Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com site, whether it be a consequence of discrepancy and unauthenticity of the information or discrepancy of service or the goods, specified on site Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com. The given site is operated by Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com in that kind in what it is presented.

Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com doesn't give any guarantee (oral or written) to the activity of the site containing on a site of the information and materials mentioned on it or the goods. 

Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com doesn't suffer any responsibility for any sorts a damage, including, but without being limited, the direct and indirect damage received from use of the given site, for possible by-effects from use of the goods got through a site and so forth.

The product description

Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com and company partners do everything that the description of the goods and products on our site were as much as possible exact. However 

Jeunesse Cosmetics dot com doesn't give a guarantee that the description of the goods and the other information on a site doesn't contain any typing errors, errors and is completely authentic. Any information on the given site, including at the prices and discounts, can be changed without the prior notification.

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